The implementation of human and technical resources dedicated to the monitoring of goods and people

Our on-site teams benefit from all the expertise and training needed to implement security-safety missions and prevent any malicious act within your structure.

In accordance with the Collective Agreement of Security Companies, our security services are defined in strict compliance with the legislation and with the consent of personnel. Our services are in line with the specific requirements related to our profession and the internal processes of SERIS Group.

Our entire teams are involved in a quality-security approach to ensure the success of the commitments we undertake.


Customised services

After a thorough study of the risks and threats of your site, we advise you of the human resources necessary to optimise the security of your assets and your employees.

As each site has its own specific characteristics (business sector, configuration, regulation, industrial secrecy...), it is necessary to implement personalised security measures. That is why we have chosen to make our experts, specialised in their area of activity, available to you in order to provide tailor-made solutions that meet precisely your specifications, your expectations and your obligations.


Teams trained in the specifics of the profession

Security officer, Surveillance officer, SSIAP-Fire-fighter, hygiene/prevention officer ... Our specifically trained agents are qualified and are experts in their field in order to guarantee you a real quality of service and a safety commensurate with your requirements.

In order to adapt to market trends and provide permanent field support to its customers and employees, SERIS has chosen an organisation based on the deployment of interlocutors to work closely with clients and employees throughout their sites.


Verifying and monitoring the quality of our services

In order to guarantee quality of service (in accordance with the specifications or the provisions outlined), SERIS has developed a process of verification and monitoring of the service in partnership with the customer.

Service improvement is one of the primary concerns of our group. This results in proposals to maintain or increase the level of security and improve the quality and productivity of the service. In this context, SERIS has developed a process of monitoring and managing the performance based on a commitment of regular and formal meetings throughout the year.