Mobile security

Mobile Security

We support our clients in the implementation of Mobile Security Services in order to secure their infrastructure, their assets and their employees. Thanks to our proven expertise and innovative solutions, we bring them efficiency and a high level of added value:

  • A service adapted to your needs
  • Excellent value for money
  • ‘On demand’ services
  • Highly responsive
  • Maximisation of security budgets
  • Proven reliability
  • Permanent traceability of our actions
  • Integrated Solutions (postal/mobile security and remote monitoring)
  • A real deterrent capability
  • The possibility of a return on investment

We accompany our clients on a daily basis in a very broad spectrum of business sectors,

  • Industry
  • Distribution
  • Local Commerce
  • Banking Network
  • Logistics
  • Services
  • Building
  • Local authorities
  • ...

Small and medium-sized enterprises, business groups, business parks or multi-site enterprises: we adapt our Mobile Security Services to the size and specific needs of your structure.

Our expertise:

After a phase of safety and security diagnosis of your site, we will develop, together with you, the mobile agents' assignments as well as the procedures to be implemented such as:

  • Closing patrols: building security, closing of exits, technical rounds, extinction of lighting sources, detection of technical failures...
  • Opening patrols: Opening of entrances and exits, filtering of incoming and outgoing personnel and any other authorised visitors.
  • Verification patrols: Validation of absence of break-in, vandalism or other anomaly, technical data statement...
  • Deterrent patrols: safety and verification of the site or area through the random or programmed passage of our patrol vehicles.
  • Alarm interventions: Checking of triggered alarms and implementation of appropriate measures
  • Accompaniment: Presence of an agent to accompany your staff, an exterior worker or for closing assistance
  • Dedicated patrols: Security safeguards for business groups within industrial zones, commercial zones, port sites or logistical sites.

Mobile security services are based on My Seris. Through an Internet portal, you will be able to access performance reports in real time. My Seris is implemented on all mobile network security operational centres and offers greater security, traceability, and responsiveness for the clients of SERIS Security