Event Security: unique customised services

Each event is unique, which is why we offer you customised services. Setting up an event requires strong advanced organisation. It is necessary to use a professional and not neglect anything in order to ensure an optimum protection of people and property.

From cultural events to fashion shows and sports events, we offer security solutions, business skills and teams adapted to these different types of events. The strength of the Group lies in its ability to set up suitable temporary security systems and to mobilise often large and fluctuating staff. We can provide security officers, hosts and hostesses, fire safety officers and dog handling security officers.

Our expertise enables us to intervene in many and varied places. They can be of great stature like football stadiums or more select like cocktail receptions. These Establishments Receiving the Public are subject to specific, precise and strict safety regulations. The solutions we offer are in accordance with these peculiarities.

Our area of expertise covers all the requirements for event security

Consulting and auditing

  • Security Audit: Context analysis, typology analysis and knowledge of the current regulations for each event
  • Risk Assessment: Fire, threat of attack, pyrotechnic fallout, collapse of structures ... etc.
  • Crowd Anticipation

Ground Security

  • Access control: identity checks
  • Crowd management: accompaniment and seating of spectators
  • Video surveillance
  • Bag and luggage search: From a simple glance to an X-ray scan
  • Security Pat-downs undertaken by mobile agents
  • Management of disruptive situations and crowd movement
  • Monitoring and securing of the facilities
  • Establishment of security procedures before opening and at/after closing


Fire Security

  • Intervention in the event of a fire breaking out
  • Alert the Fire Service
  • Assistance to people: first aid management
  • Verification and clearance of evacuation routes
  • Verification of fire equipment
  • Preventative Actions: staff awareness


  • Receiving the public: Checklists, data entry, management of badges and cloakroom, management of the press, delivery of information documents, passing of microphones... etc.
  • Ticket control: scan or punching of tickets
  • Orientation of people: guiding people, seating of guests…etc.
  • Prize giving
  • Accompaniment of VIPs
  • Accompaniment of people with reduced mobility

We prefer, above all, to be close to our clients. Our teams are at your disposal and support you throughout the organisation and the course of your event. Thanks to our wide range of working hours, your entire event will be covered by our services, providing you with optimum security of goods and people.