Help and assistance to people

Effective means and services to ensure the safety of people

Beyond the protection of your property and infrastructure, we put in place comprehensive security systems that manage people's safety. Anyone who intervenes on your site should benefit from specific security measures, be they employees, external sub-contractors or visitors. Our teams have the necessary skills to provide assistance to people and to provide first aid to victims in the event of an alert.

Assistance to people

With agents at different locations within the facility, our Security Officers can act quickly to protect victims (from illnesses, falls, various pains, etc.). Our agents can deal with various emergency situations and are trained to assist people in the framework of health and safety at work.

In the event of an emergency, the Fire and Assistance Security Officer (SSIAP) establishes a security perimeter around the victim in order to assist him.

Our agents can intervene in the event of an elevator failure. In this case, the team assists people who are trapped within the elevator cabin according to the specific procedures of the site.

We offer you effective solutions for the management of isolated workers in situations of distress. For more information, visit


Assistance to individuals

After an assessment of the situation, our agent gives the alert and provides first aid while waiting for help. In light of this, our teams may need to use technical means such as rescue and victim assistance vehicles (VSAV) available on the site.

In addition, our security agents are trained to use the external automatic defibrillator, if necessary, and perform cardiac massage resuscitation.


Actions to raise awareness

We propose to implement preventative actions for the benefit of internal employees at the site so that they adopt the correct reflexes in case of an accident. This helps to reduce risk and also to heighten responsiveness, especially on sites that bring together a large number of employees and external parties.

Therefore, we carry out exercises in order for them to learn what actions save lives and to have knowledge of the equipment available for use by the first aiders.

Whether they are involved in a team or working alone, all the agents who perform this type of mission have received training such as Emergency Rescue Training at Work or Team First Aid.

All these missions are carried out under a strict regulatory framework.  Our agents are not a substitute for any external specialist such as fire fighters, the site doctor, etc. The rescue officer is the first link in the emergency chain. He is trained and instructed to take care of victims in the case of an accident, an illness or a sudden worsening of a disease. Our agent performs the first aid actions that are required for the integrity of the victim and, if necessary, informs the rescue team consisting of specialised personnel.