Fight against Malice

Effective security solutions to anticipate risks

Do you wish to adapt your environment against the risks of malice and ensure an appropriate level of safety that meets your requirements? We can offer you durable and effective solutions to solve the various security issues of your site.

It is important to anticipate and control the risks of malice in order to limit the consequences. Our teams are experts in the field of safety and have all the skills to understand the implementation and verification of safety facilities and respond to your specific requests.

A risk analysis is essential to the implementation of security

There are many types of malicious acts and the threats vary depending on the situation of the company. From economic and industrial espionage, to theft and degradation through aggression or vandalism, each specific case must be analysed in order to measure the different cases of attack on personnel and the impact on employees.

Our teams advise and analyse the risks, threats and vulnerabilities associated with your facilities and your sector of activity. Their missions are:

  • Identification of the types of malice that may endanger your staff,
  • The undertaking of a security audit
  • The drawing up of your specifications
  • The protection of information.
  • Crisis management assistance and advice
  • Prevention of major detrimental risks
  • Advice and/or the establishment of a "safety/security Blueprint".

Human resources and protection techniques

In order to correct vulnerabilities, to ensure the proper application of the procedures and guidelines, and to follow the evolution of laws and regulations, we put at your disposal many means such as:

  • Safety/Security Engineering,
  • Remote monitoring with alarm interventions,
  • Installation of security systems
  • Access Control,
  • Video Surveillance,
  • Crime Mapping
  • Risk Zoning

The level of protection is adapted to the sensitivity of each site and each activity, to its topicality and to the number of visitors.

An effective and sustainable security policy

The objective is to build a reliable security policy that will allow you to effectively fight against various malicious acts.

3 things must be taken into account in order to durably protect goods and persons:

  • Upstream diagnostics that involve all internal stakeholders (HRD, procurement, production, communication, etc.) and map and prioritise the risks of malice and determine the priority axes of your action plan.
  • Implementation of the action plan: Human Resources, materials, regulatory awareness, impact assessment
  • Permanent control: Once the action plan has been established with technical and human resources, we ensure the technical controls, the organisation of exercises, simulations...