From prestigious places such as group presidential suites to the more common places such as offices, they all require different key skills according to the level of demand and complexity of the service. These include all the security professions: reception, security, fire safety and remote monitoring.

The tertiary sector is characterised by the diversity of regulations and the companies within it: high-rise buildings, public establishments, offices, headquarters, administrative centres, banks, insurance companies, hospitals, universities, schools, cinemas ... as many areas of activity as specifications and business requirements.

Effective management of safety in a tertiary environment

Our agents, specifically trained in the tertiary sector, intervene on various missions to guarantee protection of staff and property within your establishment. Therefore, from reception duties to missions of various controls, we are able to meet your needs in terms of security

  • Access management and badges
  • Operation of video-protection systems
  • Surveillance rounds
  • Office opening and closing rounds
  • Technical rounds
  • Key management
  • Prevention of malicious acts and vandalism
  • Interventions in response to an event
  • Alert public services…

We have chosen to add value to our services by proposing to accompany you in the analysis of your safety issues and the monitoring of compliance with your security regulatory obligations.


Fire safety at the heart of the protection system for goods and persons

In the face of accidental events, the safeguarding of people and the preservation of property is an essential pillar of the risk management policy in the tertiary sector.

Fire safety is at the heart of this system. We have a recognised knowledge in this field through the implementation of adapted human, material and organisational resources.

Our teams contribute to the prevention of fire risk and panic in tertiary institutions, through:

  • the development and application of specific guidelines
  • the execution of technical rounds
  • clearance control of escape routes
  • periodic verification of safety equipment
  • the management of security posts
  • operation of alarm equipment and Fire Safety Systems (SSI))
  • monitoring of work
  • the issuance of fire permits,
  • alert, reception and guidance of exterior rescue services
  • etc.

Specialised services of fire safety and assistance to persons

We also work in establishments with high regulatory constraints, which are subject to regular supervision by the administrative authority and the security commissions.

Through the implementation on these sites of a "Fire Safety and People Assistance Service" (SSIAP) to meet specified requirements, we are committed to the regulatory compliance of our services and their perfect traceability.

Our SSIAP agents are fire safety professionals, who are specifically qualified to keep a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere for the occupants on a daily basis, but also trained to be able to intervene in an emergency, pending the arrival of the public emergency services, on any incident, accident or situation likely to question the safety of the people or the security of the property.

When the framework of this system is in place on-site under the direction of one of our Chiefs of Security Service (SSIAP 3), we ensure that this function is also capable of fully playing its role as adviser to the head of the establishment.