Technological Project Engineering


Project Management Assistance in the design phase

We accompany our clients in the design of security projects based on market technologies: access control, intrusion detection, video surveillance, and perimeter protection.

Offering a guarantee of flexibility and reliability, we collaborate with various manufacturers, thus retaining our independence with regard to the technological choices and solutions recommended.

Therefore, our teams can offer you classic solutions:

  • Detection by thermal cameras
  • Key management systems controlled by individual badges
  • IP cameras and domes
  • Individual SAS for institutions receiving the public
  • Mobile Security of the Site

or innovations such as:

  • Captive Balloon Monitoring
  • Use of off-road/all terrain drones
  • The creation of thorny hedges in the guise of plant protection
  • Image analysis on intrusion into public areas of commercial centres (heat mapping)
  • The use of DNA markers

We carry out the functional specifications (preliminary draft summary) on behalf of our customers taking into account the regulatory and contextual obligations. We will assist you in the tendering and implementation phases.


Project management assistance in the implementation phase

We assist you in the monitoring of technological projects with your various partners or specialised providers. We offer a list (without restriction) to consult local or national partners depending on the scope, the specification or the location of the projects. As project leaders we check the piloting and the correct execution, from the start up to delivery and reception, ensuring that the operators take over control of the systems.


Technological Monitoring

SERIS Technology provides the group with technological monitoring and collection of information on topics at the forefront of innovation such as robots, captive balloons, drones, transmission networks, image analysis and its specific applications, metering solutions, mobility...

Also, our personnel work closely with manufacturers and software publishers as well as participating in trade shows in order to remain continuously informed about innovations, technological trends and associated regulatory developments.