Canine Security

Dog Handling Security Guards

The principal mission of our dog handling agents is to ensure an effective deterrent presence. The dog has significant olfactory capabilities, complementary to the action of an on-site agent. It enables rapid detection of a change in the environment and can intervene quickly under the control of its master. As its owner, the officer maintains a privileged relationship with the dog.

Therefore, the officer can very easily detect an anomaly or suspicious behaviour by quickly understanding the reactions of his animal. Thanks to regular training of the dog and the professional training undertaken by the handler, a team such as this offers great efficiency in the field of guarding and securing of goods and people.

Our dog handling security guards are authorised to carry out static guarding, patrols as well as night and day safety interventions according to the following missions:

  • Filter and control access to the premises

To undertake security: monitoring rounds, at fixed or varying times, to prevent malicious acts and risks such as fire or intrusion.

  • To intervene when requested or in the case of an alarm to verify and dispel any doubt.
  • Search for the presence of explosives or firearms
  • To detect within the site or within a clearly defined perimeter, the presence of a person, object or product that may affect the safety of the property or persons
  • To alert the appropriate services and/or designated persons in order to stop the detected problem.
  • To undertake a technical surveillance of the premises
  • To investigate the presence of intruders in the event of a break-in and track them down
  • To help people
  • To intervene on an incipient fire
  • To conduct an inquiry within the framework of his function and the regulations in force
  • Protect and assist people in need.

Our dog handling agents can intervene on various sites and areas of activity, according to the regulations in force.