In addition to guarding services, SERIS Security Luxembourg is supported by tele-surveillance experts from the SERIS Group to offer you remote monitoring solutions in line with the specific needs of your industry. We are specialists in meeting the requirements of professionals in industry, services, distribution and public institutions and, as such, we are able to offer you tailor-made services adapted to your needs.

Our team of certified and qualified operators can intervene on various missions:

  • To guarantee the security of goods and people 24/7
  • To receive and process information about alarms and alerts transmitted by our customers ' security systems on any type of PSTN/IP/GSM/GPRS protocols
  • Upon receipt of anomalies (non-scheduled decommissioning, absence of line testing) or alarms (fire, intrusion, technical, PTI, system), to rigorously apply the safety instructions defined with our customers
  • To carry out, if necessary, a remote verification to dispel doubt, either by video surveillance with image analysis or by phonic listening with the possibility of a phonic inquiry
  • Geo-locating people, alerts/alarms received
  • To manage client's remote video systems to enhance the security of their sites through video-round exercises, video escorts

SERIS Security Luxembourg is an official ALARMIS provider to the POST group. We are able to receive alarms via a secure ALARMIS line, which guarantees the transmission of alarms from your company to our control office. In case of a break in the secure line, both POST and our teams are notified so that a technician can be immediately dispatched to the site to return the line to its original working condition.

In the overall approach, we accompany you and advise you on how to optimise your security needs. SERIS is always readily available to listen to your needs in order to constantly improve the quality of our services.