Industrial and nuclear sites

Security and industry: safety and security missions intimately linked

Your industrial site needs to be protected. To meet this need, we offer you customised private security service solutions. In fact, we consider that your singular configuration necessitates a personalised approach on our part.

By calling on us, your facilities, or the industrial projects you undertake, can be operated with serenity.

SERIS knows how to set up and operate this operational service by juxtaposing the safety and security issues. We take into account your processes, your organisations, the requirements of your supervisory authority, your group repositories, the recommendations of your insurers, the various studies already carried out and good professional practices whether they be French or international.

Everything you need in a single contract: our missions and expertise are matched to your demands. Our service is proportionate, in perfect discussion with you, in one or more of the following areas:

  • Safety in relation to malicious acts in the prevention of intentional risks
  • Monitoring of operations and sensitive work in the prevention of accidental risks
  • Urgent measures

The costs are controlled by several possible levers of mutualisation, both within your site and with our wider vision on a platform or an industrial area (shared service or brigade).

  • Industrial projects

Are your needs evolving over time? SERIS has the capacity to adapt its monitoring level to your own phases: construction of an industrial project, commissioning (initial start-up), operation, maintenance shutdown, major shutdown, special projects, dismantlement, in normal situations or in crisis ... which results in risks and threats that are variable.

Our certifications demonstrate our ambitions and our activity in the field of hygiene, health, safety and the environment (HSSE).

Our policy is to:

  1. continually improve, in an integrated way with our management system, our control of the safety conditions, the health of our agents and the condition of the environment (SSE)
  2. organise, communicate and activate this intention on a daily basis by improving our teams' conditions of intervention
  3. set up a common language with the industry
  4. manage the risks associated with the joint activity.

An Industrial Security Branch

Within the SERIS Group, the Industrial Security branch:

  • ensures a technological and regulatory monitoring
  • defines SERIS’ orientations in the field of industrial risks
  • accompanies the site managers and our network in this technicality in order to continually improve
  • audits their implementation on the ground

SERIS has a high level of expertise and know-how in the area of industrial risks that enables it to organise a security service. These services may be subject to evaluations, audits and analysis by recognised independent third-party experts.