Access control

Complete flow tracking through access control solutions

The guarantee of total security of the goods and people that pass through a highly accurate control for the incoming and outgoing flows of your site.

We offer you specific security solutions for optimum access control of your facilities. Our field teams intervene at different monitoring points in order to control the flows of individuals and vehicles according to the regulations in force on the site.

We intervene for the control and analysis of your access in compliance with the regulations and local authority laws in force. With each site having its own particulars in terms of people movement, we develop together the methods and tools necessary for the application of this Regulation.

Access Control of people and vehicles

Our teams are tasked with verifying the identity of the people entering the site (visitors, temporary and permanent staff, suppliers, etc.). This is done by checking proof of identity and issuing entry badges.

Our security officers will ensure that vehicles are entered within the zone according to the vehicle type:

  • Dangerous Goods vehicles (delivery and retrieval of verification checklists).
  • Transport vehicles: Delivery and recovery of loading and unloading protocols, weighing of the vehicle at the entrance and exit, control of the trailer (solidity, safety straps, conformity of seals).

Depending on the sites, the sectors of activity and the regulations in place, vehicles can also be subject to more in-depth random checks, including searches and patdowns.


Effective ways to combat intrusion

We provide our on-site security agents with innovative software and tools to monitor and analyse all incoming and outgoing flows. Therefore, the dedicated team has the task of interpreting the information given by the control devices and checking the concordance between the object and its conveyor.

In case of fraud or unauthorised access, the security officer carries out a verification in accordance with the instructions set up in partnership with the client and alerts the competent services when the required intervention exceeds his prerogatives.

Our teams implement a secure key management system according to the profiles and the opening times of the site. All key movements are listed scrupulously in a dedicated register allowing our customers to follow, in real time, the circulation of this essential means of access.

A constant surveillance at your site

Access control is an essential component of the human monitoring solutions we offer. The various means and tools put in place provide, upon arrival on the site, an effective fight against intrusion, theft, and any act of malice. Thanks to our various reporting tools and in particular the electronic register set up for each site, you benefit from a complete traceability of the individuals entering and exiting your site as well as specific events such as interventions or alerts.

Access control is particularly suitable for sensitive sites such as: Airport sites, port facilities, Seveso-type industries, logistic warehouses, etc.