Establishments that Receive the Public such as shopping malls, large supermarkets or specialised retailers are subject to specific, precise and strict safety regulations. For our clients in this segment, the security of goods and people is more than a necessity. It's an everyday priority.

In addition to trying to reduce shrinkage, the level of safe performance expected by the large retailers is increasingly high, the impact on the brand image in the event of a failure being particularly detrimental.

Security, fire safety and hospitality assignments are three inseparable components of our service.

Supported by the Retail Management Division of the Group, our teams are at your disposal to meet your specific needs. Our experts from the sector, in direct contact with the methods and practices of the field, provide you with tailor-made services and develop innovative solutions in perfect harmony with your specific requirements and constraints.

Our field teams involved in the distribution sector are specialists trained in this environment: cash desk security, anti-theft agents, video agents…

We can also set up combined security systems incorporating human monitoring with mobile and technological security

In the face of increasingly complex regulations and multiple technical developments, SERIS participates in various agencies and safety and security committees. Our group participates in working groups, in exchanges in the areas of fire safety, customer safety in stores as well as in the field of security, i.e. combating theft, malice, internal shrinkage, video surveillance...