Safety Assessments

SERIS will support you from the safety audit to the implementation of the operational resources in order to ensure an optimal level of safety with regard to the risks identified for your company and its environment.

We implement the tools and resources to supplement human monitoring services. We work hard to propose offers that respond, in the first instance, to the security needs of our clients in a structured approach from risk analysis to the development of the various combined and appropriate means for the protection of goods and people.


Partners with your security system

Within the SERIS Group our experts contribute comprehensively to the development of a methodology of audits and safety and security assessments.

Safety assessments are based on a common core and are available in a number of key sectors such as shopping malls, supermarkets, logistics, services, ports, airports, industry...).

Based on three "technical/human/organisational" criteria, and in line with the level of protection expected in the current evolving security environment, we propose optimised security solutions, according to a specific and specifically applied methodology,


Technological solutions for human monitoring services

Acting as a support function, our teams assist the operational organisations in improving their security provision. Indeed, the safety assessment enables us to take stock of a security situation at a given moment in the life of a site. The comparison between this snapshot and the accumulated experience of the teams on the ground makes it possible for the client and the SERIS teams to identify recommendations that are in keeping with the dynamic and controlled logic of the security aspects of the company

At an earlier stage, we also intervene in support of the sales department by carrying out safety assessments of the group's prospects in order to optimise our offer of human services as part of our global offers.


Advice and support for optimum security equipment

Our teams advise you on your security investments and on targeting areas of value and hotspots in order to optimise human resources and thus provide agents with modern tools for a successful and efficient operation.

Our experts are involved in sectors as diverse as industry, ports, high-tech service companies, logistics, shopping malls, distribution, concert halls and the agricultural industry. Their mission is to advocate solutions that combine identified security needs with the cultural and environmental context of the company and its budgetary constraints.