Risk prevention

Partner in the prevention of your professional risks

By a visible presence on the ground, our agents can help to reduce the application of occupational risk prevention actions and help your health and safety at work service to reduce the frequency and severity rates of work-related accidents.

Assistance by preventative agents during the risk analysis phases, regular technical rounds and, in some cases, static monitoring of sites or sensitive operations (link to the industry page) can be organised by our Security Service:

  • To participate in the development of safety protocols, prevention plans, work permits, fire permits, confined space work permits ... (Analysis by an additional inspection)
  • To verify possession of authorisations (in particular electrical) and authorisations which should be held in particular by subcontractors to carry out work.
  • To check that personnel and subcontractors carry their personal protective equipment and that any other equipment complies with the regulations in force, for example: scaffolding, ATEX equipment, auto-Rescuers....
  • To exchange with them in order to verify whether they have adequate training in the implementation of safety and emergency procedures and, if necessary, to carry out this training in addition to the safety/security reception duties.
  • To identify whether any personnel are isolated workers and, if so, provide them with alarm devices for the isolated worker (DATI)
  • To collect and analyse devices for the control of workers' exposure to chemical or radiological substances (atmospheric monitoring, contamination control)
  • To check the application of internal traffic rules: Pedestrian paths, speed of vehicles, reverse parking...
  • To keep security plans up-to-date