Fire safety

Fire safety: a broad field of intervention to prevent fire hazard

Our teams support you at all levels to ensure the protection of your employees, your infrastructure and your property with regard to the risks of fire.

We provide you with trained fire safety teams from SSIAP 1 to SSIAP 3 * who have regular assessments and refresher courses.

As fire safety experts, we adapt the proposed solutions to the current regulations. We are also able to advise you when these regulations evolve and implement the necessary adjustments accordingly. In addition, we ensure that the regulations in force in your sector of activity are constantly monitored.

On the ground, our scope of action includes maintenance, monitoring and intervention.

Control and management of fire equipment

  • Checking of the installation and verification of fire equipment
  • Maintenance planning of each of the fire safety related products
  • Replacement and recycling of certain equipment such as fire extinguishers if necessary

Team Intervention

  • Security and surveillance rounds
  • Verification
  • Alarm intervention or in the case of a fire being detected
  • Alert, reception and support of public emergency services
  • Evacuation of occupants from a site or building
  • Assistance to people: first aid management
  • Issuance of fire permits

Prevention Actions

  • Update the Security register
  • Fire hazard assessment before work
  • Verification that escape routes are clear and accessible for external emergency services
  • Training of your staff: First steps to be carried out in the event of a fire or burn injury, handling of extinguishers.
  • Installation and co-ordination of evacuation exercises: alarm triggering, training of evacuation guides and rear guards

Our expertise in fire safety allows us to intervene on different sites and in different contexts such as:

  • Warehouses
  • Worksites (naval shipyards, construction sites...)
  • Airports and railway or bus stations
  • Industrial sites
  • Sensitive sites (sites classified Seveso, Defence security...)  
  • Establishments Receiving the Public (shopping centres, public conveniences, entertainment establishments…)
  • High rise buildings
  • Sporting or cultural events (stadiums, concert halls, exhibition centres, convention centres, festivals, racetracks…)

SSIAP 1: Fire safety and personal assistance officer
SSIAP 2: Fire safety and personal assistance service team leader
SSIAP 3: Head of Fire Safety Service and personal assistance