Dispatch and Signing in Services

Thanks to a powerful and efficient technical infrastructure, our operators are specialised in the identification and processing of the caller's message and in assessing the urgency of the received call.

We are able to provide you with the following telephone services:


A personalised Call Management Service

For more than 20 years, SERIS has been undertaking telephone services (standby services, technical management of problems on buildings, isolated persons...).

We are able to receive and process specific and important telephone communications. We offer you a personalised reception service and complete traceability of all calls processed.


A Dispatch Centre

SERIS has developed a new innovative service. A true Operational Service Centre (COS), SERIS proposes to be the single entry point of traceability of all interventions on one or several sites for its clients.

Already operational, the COS offers, in addition to conventional monitoring missions, a centralised monitoring service of all the interventions of any type on each site: maintenance, servicing, supply, management of green spaces, reception of external partners, incidents...

Each of these events is plotted and centralised on a dedicated web space able to instantly deliver a reliable and accurate reporting. This way you can fully and effectively follow up all of the events that have occurred on each of the entities under your brand name on a single reporting tool.

All of our call management services are accessible thanks to our full range of reporting tools.


A signing in service

SERIS offers its customers a complete supervision service of arrival and departure times during the intervention needs of an authorised person.

  • Registration of the start and end times of the agents’ shifts working on your site
  • Registration of suppliers’ arrival and departure times on site
  • These registers are centralised and recorded on our supervisory tools

Any call received (voice or data) is processed in real time by our supervisory and monitoring tools.

This service allows an immediate intervention of one of our operators in the event of a delay or failure of a signing in system, by the application of the predefined instructions

We guarantee you reactivity, traceability and complete transparency of our services.

All recorded data (shift times, instructions) are available to you on your secure web space. We can also offer you an option of statistical compilations on the shift times received and processed.