Management of alarms and interventions

To receive and treat alarms to guarantee the security of your site

Our operators are mandated to receive and treat alarm information transmitted by your security systems on any type of PSTN/IP/GSM/GPRS protocol.

In the event of an alarm being triggered, our operators can intervene with qualified personnel and competent services to ensure a rapid return to normal of the alarm system and the remote monitoring of the site.

The intervention on an alarm responds to a regulatory obligation that requires the monitoring centre to carry out a pertinent verification or "dispel of doubt" audit prior to any request for intervention by law enforcement forces.

Reactive and efficient teams

Following an alarm and to make the verification to dispel any doubt, our operators send in a dog handling team or a mobile security officer, depending on availability and the level of alert detected. The team performs a patrol on the site to check and control any anomalies that may have occurred such as malicious acts.

Following an intervention, the team may, at the request of the client, implement provisional measures to protect the premises pending the arrival of officials or the return to operation of the site’s protection systems.

Such conservatory measures may, for example, take the form of security patrols or security guards working shifts.

Our operators monitor each intervention:

  • Time stamping of each action
  • Oral report to our operator and definition of the actions to be carried out if necessary
  • Consideration and validation of the intervention report by our operator