A complete range of reporting tools

All information processed by our Monitoring Centre operators is recorded electronically by our tools according to chronological order and are kept for an unlimited period (operators' reports, telephone numbers dialled, telephone communication time...). After a year, data stored in the computer is stored in compressed files.

We guarantee a complete traceability of:

  • processed events and telephone calls received
  • video and audio exercises undertaken
  • alarm interventions carried out
  • reports made by our operators


Detailed monitoring of the service

The alarm-monitoring tool provides automatic control of the following:

  • Mandatory entry: The processing of alarm events requires a mandatory entry by the operators.
  • Computer Locking: The computer locking requires the operator to confirm correct compliance with the instructions applied.
  • Real-time control: The supervisor monitors and checks the events received by the operating teams in real time.

We guarantee a continuous control of the service. The Monitoring Centre supervisor ensures the quality control of the current on-going services and the introduction of any new services.

Equally we review all alarms triggered:

  • Regular statistical study of premises having the most alarms during working and non-working hours
  • Study on alarm interventions undertaken
  • Time tracking of events received by the operating teams
  • Strict monitoring of the transmitter line tests.

Finally, each client has several control tools available to it, defined according to its needs, such as automatic reports by mail for each intervention on alarms carried out for daily monitoring, personalised weekly, monthly or quarterly reports and a web space for full visibility on all the instructions, contacts and detailed histories of the events managed.

We also transmit a monthly summary that allows us to carry out an analysis on relevant indicators and improve the quality of our services