Videosurveillance services

Over the years, the dedicated monitoring services subsidiary has worked hard to evolve its services. In addition to the classic question-raising services, SERIS has invested in solutions to offer a full range of video services: Video rounds, video escorts during a site intervention, or continuous video monitoring of one or more sites. These different services can be combined or provided independently according to the needs of the client.

Therefore, we offer you a video surveillance service that is adapted to your needs and your tools.

Verification video (to dispel doubt)

Following the receipt of an alarm and to identify any risk of aggression, fire or intrusion, our telephone operators connect remotely on your CCTV system and conduct a rigorous analysis of the cameras covering the area in default.

If the verification is positive, our telephone operators immediately apply the defined instructions and alert the dedicated teams.

The verification video is an effective complement to remote monitoring. It avoids the systematic dispatch of an officer when the origin of a trigger is questionable and therefore allows you to enhance your responsiveness.

Video Rounds

Do you wish to increase the security of your employees or your premises, on an ad hoc or established basis? If so, we can offer you a video round service where our teams will interrogate the client's site cameras, according to the pre-set round schedule  (programmed, random or ad hoc rounds as required).


  • Re-enforcement of your on-site security
  • Schedule of rounds established in advance.
  • Report issued systematically at the end of each round.

Video Escorts

We can also intervene, via video, to follow and support the people who wish or need an escort during a site intervention.


  • Ensures the safety of an employee or sub-contractor on a sensitive site outside of opening hours
  • An accompaniment in high-risk areas
  • An effective way to control movements in order to inform if necessary.


Video Detection

Our expert teams accompany you to optimise and evolve your video infrastructure into a powerful detection system.

We work with many technical partners capable of bringing you the solution that meets your needs and your budget.