Verifications and interventions on alarms

The verification or intervention of alarm service enables us to respond to a request from the Monitoring Centre to make a visit and confirm whether or not the information transmitted by the electronic security systems is correct.

Precise checking of places and sensitive points

Verification occurs as a result of an internal or external intrusion alarm or in the case of a fire alarm. It can also be implemented in addition to the video surveillance systems in order to clarify by a human presence any on-site events that are observed remotely by the operators.

Varied interventions adapted to each situation

In the case of a proven break-in or fire alarm, the Mobile Security Officer shall notify the official services so that they may implement the appropriate actions.


The intervention can equally be carried out as a result of a Lone Worker Device (or PTI) being triggered or a call from a remote assistance centre to assist one of your employees or a person alone at his or her home.

In this case, when he arrives at the location, the mobile security officer searches for the person in difficulty, performs the first intervention actions and alerts the emergency services.


Finally, Mobile Security Officers can intervene as a result of technical alarms or malfunction signals of an installation. In this case they follow the procedures previously defined and undertake the necessary actions.

Following an intervention, we may, at the request of the client, implement provisional measures to protect the premises in anticipation of the arrival of officials or the recovery of the protection systems of the site.

Such provisional measures may, for example, take the form of security patrols  or the deployment of human security services.

Each intervention will generate a detailed report on the Internet portal My Seris. Thereafter each customer receives an email of information and will have access to the details and the history of the actions in its privileged space within the Internet portal.


In a constant effort to optimise security costs, our mobile security solutions enable you to reduce the attendance time and/or obligations of your staff to intervene on demand and therefore improve responsiveness.