Specific services

An escort and accompaniment service

In addition to the security patrols, SERIS Security can arrange an escort for your staff.

These services provide a mobile security officer during the closing of a business, a tertiary site, a service station or a site receiving the public for example. This mobile security officer ensures that your personnel are safe at all times and assists them, if need be, in the security actions.

As a result of these accompanying operations, the mobile security officer may, upon request, escort your personnel to their vehicles in order to ensure their safety.

Our mobile security officers can equally be involved in a site that is inactive and closed in order to provide access to independent contractors to carry out maintenance actions, site visits, etc. As well as allowing access to the site, this also ensures that the site remains secure upon departure of the independent contractors.

In the context of transfer of goods by road or on private land, mobile security officers may carry out vehicle escorts, in addition to state services or alone, in order to maintain a high level of security, deter possible malicious actions and prevent abnormal situations.


Customised mobile security services

For many of our clients, we undertake personalised mobile security services. After a study of your needs, we implement adapted solutions.

Here are some examples of specific mobile security services:

  • Parking Interventions: SERIS Security performs operations on behalf of parking managers outside of working hours in order to assist users. The mobile security officer comes in as soon as possible and undertakes the appropriate instructions (assistance, opening, unblocking of access, etc.).
  • Data or document backups: on a fixed date, the mobile security officer collects objects or documents from an identified and secure location in order to deposit them in another secure location. Example: computer backups, access means, protected documents, etc.