Efficient Resources and Tools

The services of SERIS security are based on efficient tools.

Myseris: an Internet portal for total service traceability

Myseris enables complete dematerialisation of the business process and traceability of all operations. In the field, agents can add comments, photographs and recordings to their intervention reports. A touch pad with the Myseris application completes their equipment. The latter also ensures the recording function of the completed patrols.

Through an Internet connection, Myseris will enable able you to access reports of the services performed and the specific instructions of the site in real time. The solution gives a reliable flow of information and meets data security standards.


Implemented on all the network's mobile security operational centres, Myseris offers greater security, traceability and responsiveness to SERIS Security clients.

Tools for a quality mobile security service


Our mobile security vehicles, in the colours of SERIS, are all equipped with a geo-location system. The signage enables rapid recognition of the vehicle in order to prevent and discourage security problems.

The vehicles are bought new and are replaced every 2 years or when they reach 100,000kms.

We have replacement vehicles in case of malfunctions or breakdowns (helpline service 24/7)

This facility:

  • Enables a permanent location of the vehicle and its contents
  • Enhances the security of agents
  • Follows the agent's progress in real time
  • Maximises the use of vehicles and their response time
  • Establishes certificates of presence on a site


All our vehicles are equipped with sealed safes in order to secure the means of access that are entrusted to us.

Services +:

  • Access Management application and implementation of seals
  • Fencing Signs and Adhesives: We provide you with communication materials to advertise the protection of your site in order to discourage trespassers.