Security patrol devices

Opening and Closing Rounds

After a risk analysis is carried out together, we will plan the passage of a mobile officer according to your needs and to specific schedules. We will implement a system that has the complete safety of your professional and private premises as its objective.

To do this, we jointly develop the actions to be implemented in order to define the guidelines to be applied on a permanent and temporary basis.

The mobile security officers will thus carry out round closure circuits with the following objectives:

  • Combatting the risk of malicious conduct by ensuring the complete sealing of your site: closing of all entrances: doors, windows, gates, etc.
  • Implementing all security devices: intrusion alarms, sensors, perimeter detectors
  • Testing that all devices are functioning correctly

The presence of an on-site mobile security officer during the closing also enables you to limit the number of people who have access to the site, to detect possible abnormal situations and to combat fire risk by setting the alarm systems and checking the Fire Safety System (SSI).

If necessary, he can also check the technical devices (sprinklers, centralised technical management, gas, electricity, etc.) specific to the sites.

The closing round could equally include a careful inspection of the site's production bodies and a specific technical verification circuit. The aim here is to ensure that the condition of all machines, energy production, control instruments, etc. is in accordance with the instructions laid down.

SERIS Security supports you in your Corporate Social Responsibility Policy (CSR). For example, to ensure that all lights are extinguished, that the air conditioning equipment is operating correctly, that all electrical appliances are switched off and that there are no leakages, etc.

Our officers intervene for all types of activity sectors such as services, industry, logistics, military or distribution and are, as such, trained for the specific needs of each domain.

Changes in guidelines are taken into consideration instantly. In the event of an anomaly, these can be reported, depending on the importance, to the client's manager.

We can also set up opening rounds. At the specified time, the mobile security officer undertakes the opening and operational procedures of your installations according to the instructions developed together.

This round has 3 objectives:

  • To disable the safety and security systems
  • Make the site accessible to your employees: opening of gates, offices, etc.
  • Put the facility into operational mode

Deterrence rounds and verification circuits

In addition to the opening and closing rounds, we undertake deterrence rounds for our clients. These can be carried out at fixed time period or on an a random basis. There are several types of these rounds:

  • Exterior rounds: The Mobile Security Officer will arrive at the site either by vehicle or on foot to check the safety and security elements located outside your buildings.
  • Interior rounds: On the basis of the instructions set out together, the Mobile Security Officer checks the points identified as sensitive.
  • Technical verification circuits: SERIS Security supports you in your CSR policy by checking your production tools in addition to the security systems. The aim here is to ensure that the lights are extinguished, the air conditioning equipment is operating correctly, that all electrical appliances have been switched off and that there are no leakages, etc.