Specialised distribution

Specialised distribution

As experts in the field of safety and security in the specialised distribution sector, our main aim is to contribute to customer loyalty within the retail outlets specialising in the sale of cultural products, high-tech, furniture and clothing. We accompany all our partners, whether the shops are part of a retail chain or an individual franchise.

Our teams benefit from the necessary expertise and experience needed to implement effective security and safety systems that provide analysis and management of loss.

Each employee is specifically trained in the specialised distribution sector, depending on the particulars of each store. As a result, our security agents keep up-to-date with the news of the specialised store and its product ranges and know the customer's journey and spending habits.

The principal missions of our teams are:

  • To monitor the entrance/exits of the establishment
  • To monitor the cash desks
  • To monitor the car park
  • Video surveillance
  • Presence during opening/closure of the store
  • Prevention of shop-lifting
  • To combat shrinkage in the different sectors or specific range of products related to each specialised outlet
  • Deterrence and intervention rounds
  • Cashier support

A measured monitoring of services

In a continuous process of improvement, we support the retailers by setting up plans for improvement, reduction of shrinkage and monitoring the R.O.I adapted to specialised stores. In accordance with the group's quality policy, experts from the National Directorate of Retailers:

  • monitor the quality control indicators
  • organise training and the professional updates related to the specifications of the retailer (registers, extranet
  • monitor service compliance (financial, budgetary and operational monitoring)
  • provide documentary updates

Professionalisation of the workforce approach

Each of the security agents present on our large retail sites benefits from a comprehensive training programme. The "ADS training" is as follows:

  • Initial training
  • Fight against shrinkage in hypermarkets and supermarkets
  • Awareness and management of conflicts
  • Video Protection
  • Baggage control and use of magnetometers
  • Knowledge and enforcement of articles of law
  • On-site management training
  • Risk Prevention

For each of our services, we can equally offer support in training your employees in security questions related directly to your site.