Your partner in risk prevention

The considerable increase in logistical needs in recent years has resulted in whole segments of economic activity towards the development of real "logistics factories". Taking into account the, sometimes rapid, changes that occur within this sector, our teams support you in the management of the following problems:

  • Professional risk
  • Hermeticity
  • Storage equipment risks
  • Respect of processes
  • Fire risk
  • Reduction of shrinkage

The collaboration between logistics professionals and security/safety specialists optimises risk prevention and provides better cost control. Shared offers with technology, management of seasonality in schedules and flexible human monitoring solutions enable us to meet all your specific needs.

A dedicated optimal loss prevention monitoring

We support logistics providers in terms of loss prevention. We implement solutions to improve the quality and the safety of transport and delivery services by assessing and sampling their stocks and loads for conformity.  This evaluation is followed, if necessary, by a statistical operation by our Performance Monitoring Centre.

All of our methods and tools can be applied to quality control and are transferable to any transport and logistics operation.

  1. Diagnostic: identification of sensitive areas and definition of types of theft
  2. Choice of protection measures according to efficiency criteria, implementation deadlines and costs
  3. Mapping of the fight against shrinkage by area and time period
  4. Implementation of protection solutions
  5. Tracking of anomalies and thefts
  6. Annual evaluation: Impact on productivity, efficiency, condition of installations, procedural displays, updating of contracts