Major retail outlets

Major retail outlets 

As experts in the provision of safety and security within the retail sector, our main aim is to reflect an image of safety and serenity to the consumer. Our knowledge and our know-how convey the identity and the values of the brand. We therefore contribute to the level of customer loyalty within the major retail outlets.

Our teams have the expertise and experience necessary to implement effective security/safety systems in order to analyse and combat shrinkage, both in the food and non-food sector.

Our missions:

  • Access Surveillance
  • Cash desk Surveillance
  • Manual handling and/or receipt of deliveries
  • Car park Surveillance
  • Check the tare and weight
  • Damage Surveillance
  • Video surveillance
  • Presence during opening and closure of the shop
  • Prevention of shoplifting
  • Reduction of shrinkage
  • Deterrence and intervention rounds
  • Cashier support

We can also set up combined security systems incorporating human monitoring, mobile security and technology.

A complete service reporting

The Retail Management Division offers a complete reporting of the service to the major retailers.

To continually improve our service, we accompany the retailers in the implementation of Plans for improving and Reducing Shrinkage and monitor the R.O.I adapted to hypermarkets and supermarkets. In accordance with the group's Quality Policy, the experts of the Group’s Retail Management Division

  • monitor the quality control indicators
  • organise training and professional updates related to the specifications of the brand (registers, extranet ...),
  • Monitor the compliance of the service (financial, budgetary and operational monitoring)
  • Provide documentary updates

A process of employee professionalisation

All of our security agents working at our large retail sites benefit from a comprehensive training programme.  "ADS training " comprises the following:

  • Initial training which conforms to client’s specifications
  • Fight against shrinkage in Hypermarkets and Supermarkets
  • Awareness and management of conflict
  • Video Protection
  • Baggage control and use of magnetometers
  • Knowledge and application of the law
  • Training in on-site supervisor management

For each of our services, we also offer to support you by training your employees in questions of security directly related to your site through e-learning sessions.