Monitoring of sensitive operations and work

A durable support in the accidental risk prevention area

SERIS considers that its agents are primarily involved in the prevention of occupational hazards and the risks of industrial accidents.

The role of our agents is to support your HSSE service in the analytical phase during the development of security protocols and then provide targeted surveillance and monitoring of the application of safety rules by permanent or interim staff and subcontractors.

Application examples:

  • Analysis of ' hot spot' work related risks (fire permit) by specialised agents with a "Fire Safety Basics for hot works operatives" certificate according to CFPA Europe guideline (updated every 5 years).
  • Security of maintenance personnel or subcontractors entering confined spaces (vats, tanks, silos, reactors, pits, wells, sumps or sewer lines, boilers, furnaces, chimneys...) by monitoring and immediate intervention.
  • Static monitoring during operations of loading, unloading, worksites...
  • Adjustment of the monitoring level in the event of reduced functionality: for example during the loss of a fire/gas detection function, the unavailability of the sprinkler system, the loss of an automatic measurement of an effluent discharge …
  • Field radiation protection agents

Before entering or exiting the site, all vehicles containing dangerous or radioactive materials are checked.