Safety in respect of malicious acts

SERIS: A 360° vision for the prevention of intentional risks

The Seveso 3 Directive does not incorporate the security issue. Some Seveso establishments are points of vital importance according to the Safety of Vital Activities Plan and are subject to specific measures.

From our point of view, security cannot be approached solely from a technical standpoint, even if the physical means (fencing, entry barriers, security post) and other monitoring tools may prove indispensable in some cases.

SERIS believes that it has a key role to play in the organisational chain, before intervention by emergency and law enforcement services. Human factors and procedures implemented within our surveillance services are:

  • proportionate to the sensitivity of your industry in relation to potential threat and to the monitoring technologies installed
  • variable depending on any situation changes of the Vigipirate plan
  • adapted to your organisation, your flows and to your processes and planning (POI, PUI, PPP)
  • configured for the industry sector

It is this systemic approach that enables us to optimise our monitoring service in a sustainable way.

SERIS presents operational solutions in a pragmatic and concise way. Our expertise enables us to not only offer you security assessments but also to implement the recommendations from studies and vulnerability analyses that have already been undertaken by other experts. By calling upon our services, you are implementing the recommendations that have been presented to you.

SERIS is equally able to methodically compose a monitoring service based on known benchmarks in order to encompass all the vulnerabilities of your industrial site (intrusion, theft of materials and substances, espionage, drones...) and not only from the standpoint of an attack.

We are therefore able to adapt our level of monitoring to your industrial risks within normal operating situations, situations of crisis (accidents on your site with the triggering of the POI or the PUI), as well as periods of downtime, specific flows and at sites using subcontractors.

Application Examples:

  • Static filtering, access controls and application of traffic rules in different production, storage or construction zones
  • Security/safety reception of visitors, temporary workers, sub-contractors and new staff
  • An organised "system" of effective rounds  
  • Operation of video surveillance and electronic detection
  • Verification of alarms
  • Explosives and weapons detection (dog handling team)
  • Adequacy of our monitoring service with real vulnerabilities and technologies in place or where investment is programmed
  • Adaptation of surveillance in crisis situations so that the sensitive services of fire protection, emergency and crisis decision are protected.
  • Securing of construction sites with mobile technologies before the definitive installation of mechanical protection, video surveillance and electronic detection
  • Safety studies and expertise related to the articulation of safety and security in the instructions and contingency plans
  • Safety training and briefing of your personnel by our qualified agents on site